What are the male lifestyle blogger awards?

Male bloggers rarely get the attention they deserve when it comes to blogger awards, and yet there are some extremely talented writers out there with a real grasp of the fundamentals of fashion and male grooming. These men are leaders not followers when it comes to style, and are helping the rest of us find the advice and inspiration we need. It’s about time male bloggers were recognised for their contributions to the industry, so here are a few awards for those who really deserve it.

Don’t see your favourite male fashion of grooming blogger??  Why don’t you nominate today, who you believe is the best in the industry.

The Male Grooming Blogger Awards are owned and have created on behalf of www.groomu.co.uk – GroomU has partnered with www.americancrew.com to present the awards.


Each of the six winners will each receive a stylish American Crew wash bag, which will include an array of handy and useful male grooming products. The products you’ll receive are as follows:


American Crew Wash Bag:-


Daily Shampoo

Stimulating Conditioner


Forming Cream


Classic Fragrance 5

American Crew Precision Shave Gel

Post Shave Cooling Lotion


The RRP of all the products combined totals £75.00 and is courtesy of American Crew


The winner of the Best Overall Men’s Grooming Blog will also receive a £100 voucher to spend at GroomU.co.uk



GroomU and American Crew will also be promoting the awards across all social network channels and each winner will be featured in an interview profile feature on the GroomU blog.






GroomU – http://www.groomu.co.uk


Grroom U Logo

GroomU is the new face of male grooming – an online store, supplying an array of innovative luxury branded grooming products through and award winning platform taking care of all your men’s grooming needs for shaving, skincare and fragrance.


GroomU pick the finest products, some of which are exclusive to GroomU, combined with industry experts on hand to help guide and support you through your grooming journey. You’ll be sure to pick the exact products to suit you and your skin type.


GroomU are leaders in the online male grooming stockists sector, and continue to research and look about for ground breaking, innovative new products making sure you have the latest in skincare brands and grooming products.

American Crew – www.americancrew.com



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American Crew continues to set itself apart from other brands in the male grooming market with innovative and revolutionary products that grab the attention, consistently developing the latest styles and the most innovative products exclusively for men.


American Crew never forgets its job which is to give men their style tools to create stylish, masculine looks every day. Classic grooming never gets boring, with an distinctive masculine DNA and an renowned for high quality product ranges for everything a man needs to cleanse, moisturise and nourish the hair, scalp and skin.


American Crew is a lifestyle brand that supplies to salons; it has been used throughout the decades and is well known in the men’s grooming market and continues to be a leader, committed to male grooming.  it’s their goal to bring men into salons to provide them with a fantastic experience, and to educate them to incorporate style and grooming more into their daily routine.