Best Designed Blog

The web blog generation is evolving into a sleek scene of beautifully maintained and laid out websites. Bloggers now rival professional graphic designers in terms of skills; after all, a blogger needs to be a jock of all trades to be a success. As creative people, bloggers are constantly evolving their sites to have better graphics, more beautiful photos and more advanced web design layouts; and the cream of the crop have blogs that are a visual dream to visit.
So which blog leaves you staring? Which one has their branding and design so perfectly made that you can spend hours scrolling through posts? Nominate them in this category.

Overdressed and Underprepared - Overdressed and Underprepared

The layout and design of Overdressed and Underprepared is very clean cut and has all been designed and influenced by the blogger. The blog is easy to navigate with the image menu on the first page.

KY’Cut Wilson - KY'Cut Wilson

Best Designed Blog winner – Ky Wilson from   You can see the passion and innovation that runs through this guy’s body. Creativity and pure excellence is sure leading this young lad to the top.  A timeless designed website for a guy who’s creating timeless creations. GroomU interviews Ky Wilson…   Name, age, name […]

Four Pins - Four Pins

Four Pins is an up to the minute fashion blog dedicated to all things fashion and latest trends and styles. Four Pins documents news around the fashion industry and features business owners interviews and features, making for an interesting and informative read.

Valet - Valet

Valet magazine provides up to the minute male style tips and advice of all things male fashion related and grooming, offering everything required for the modern gentleman. Valet provides readers with humorous but also educational tips and guides in welcoming format.

Gilt MANual - Gilt MANual

Gilt MANual is a hub for male fashion and style for the modern man, with advice and how to features on the latest trends and unique must have products.

Gabriel García & Mike Madrid - Cup of Couple

Cup of Couple blog fuses all things fashion together with the beauty of two creative mediums, photography and video. All of which go hand in hand providing readers with a thrilling visuals along with a personal blog. Boasting over two years’ experience working in fashion photography, a Cup of Couple has built up an impressive […]

Paul McGregor - Men's Fashion Magazine

Founder and Editor in Chief

Men’s Fashion Magazine covers all the topics that any men’s glossy magazine would, to an extraordinarily high quality, Men’s Fashion Magazine is a blog that could take on the likes of Esquire and GQ. It’s been going strong since 2011, and it has been named one of the best resources for male fashion and style. […]