Best Group Blog

Every now and then there’s a blog where a few brilliant minds out their heads together and collaborate to make a site that covers a whole host of topics. Usually this is great because as a reader you have the benefit of articles from experts who are dedicated to the topic they write about, and sometimes, it’s just nice to have a whole range of different opinions and voices in one space. It makes for interesting reading, and it means you can get your daily dose of fashion, grooming, advice and lifestyle all in one site.
Which group blog are you dedicated to reading? Nominate or vote for them here and let the team know you support them. - Buckets and Spades Blog

Best Group Blog winner – Matthew Pike from   Matthew Pike is a full time blogger that has always captured attention. A complete all-rounder in the lifestyle category.   GroomU interviews Matthew Pike…   Name, age, name of blog and where your from/based? Matthew Pike, 28, Buckets & Spades, based Lancashire, England.   Tell […]

Well Spent - Well Spent

Well Spent is the perfect men’s style blog featuring an array of crafted men related products that don’t cost the average gent an arm and a leg. Crafted products ranges from all things manufactured in first world fair working conditions, or simply made using eco-friendly materials, or it related to an item that is purposely […]

Hypebeast - Hypebeast

Hypebeast is a blog that focuses on fashion industry through time with visual stimulations, the blog has fast become one of the key online publications for editorially driven news. Hypebeast discusses a range of both styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end with daily news edits that have fast become known as a significant inspiration […]

Kempt - Kempt

Kempt is a blog dedicated to delivering interesting, shocking but worthwhile and cutting edge news and trends in the world of men’s style, fashion and grooming. Kempt provides fans with key advice and top tips to keep an eye out for and also to dodge, with reference to classic style icons, fashion news and the […]

Michael Williams - A Continuous Lean

A Continuous Lean is a unique blog which sets itself apart from the typical standard fashion blogs and it documents fashion trends and style with an importance on quality, style and where style is originally sourced, along with the processes that go into the creation on a product.

Selectism - Selectism

Selectism is an informative online news source for fashion and lifestyle covering up to the minute brand new and evolving trends and products in the fashion industry. Selectism also focuses on accessories, art, design, literature and so much more.