Best Individual Blog

Some blogs are run by a team of talented individuals, but other bloggers choose to go it alone. Sometimes that means their blog is a personal take on the industry with their own opinions, style and advice. The blog is an extension of the blogger and if you’re a regular reader, you probably feel like you know them personally – you trust them to guide you through the world of fashion, grooming and men’s lifestyle.
What’s the one blog you can’t live without reading? Which is the one you click on first thing in the morning to read the latest posts? Nominate that one blogger here.

The Science of - The Science of Appearance

The Science of Appearance blog has a good variety of quality posts; it has great design and of course is extremely well written. - Andrew James Blog

This is a well written blog sharing great reviews on male grooming products, it’s good to have first hand insight into the latest makeup and male grooming products on the market.

Bobby Raffin - Bobby Raffin

Bobby Raffin is a gypsy wanderer and keen blogger based in Toronto, Canada. Bobby regularly documents his fashion choices and creations showcasing them on his blog. Bobby Raffin is a colourful and creative fashion enhanced blog with model type photograph poses to make for a visually appealing site.

Jeffrey Riemer - Kid Clark

Kid Clark offers a personal look to high end fashion brands with advice on what to wear and what’s hot on the fashion catwalks, with a heavy emphasis on everything Chanel. The blog also documents how fashion trends can be made wearable too and all interesting things related to general lifestyle.

Justin - Scout Sixteen

Scout Sixteen is a lifestyle blog which features an array of topics including style, home, and travel by editor Justin Livingston based in New York.  A unique voice and exceptional perspective on all things creative, the blog is a host for fine inspiration and offers a place of discovery every day.

Galla - I AM GALLA

I AM GALLA is a men’s fashion blog formed by a creative director and regular traveller. The main focus heavily leans towards documenting fashion choices and latest fashion purchases and trends to its loyal following.

Lougè Delcy - Dapper Lou

Dapperlou records styles of the modern gentleman by publishing daily street styles, editorials and still life. An avid viewer of street-style sites he photographs men on the street with excellent style to demonstrate exciting and refreshing spins to menswear to inspire his fans. Dapperlou has recently worked alongside well-known brands including Nike, H&M and GAP.