Best Product Review Blog

As a modern man you’re intrigued to try out all the latest male grooming products – but you don’t want to spend money on a product that might not be all its hyped up to be right? That’s why you need to reference a truly great blog that can be trusted to review the latest products honestly. A good product review blogger gives you all the information you need about the product, puts it through its paces when testing and gives a final recommendation that isn’t bias and really helps their readers out.
So where is your first stop when you’re looking to make a new purchase but you want to know what all the fuss is about first? Nominate or vote for your favourite product review blog here.

Grooming - Grooming Junkie

A great new grooming blog, that includes interesting grooming reviews.

Mr Essentialist - Mr Essentialist

Mr Essentialist documents stunning men’s fashion and expertly put-together outfits. Blogger Alexander Atkins reviews grooming products and sets too, he always gives an honest and reliable opinion. He also incorporates style photos and those he takes from other influential bloggers a kind of style and grooming we should all aspire to.  

Manface Blog - Man Face – Best Product Review Blog winner – Thom Watson     Manface offers a personal look at new grooming brands, the latest brands and he reviews products, so you know what’s products are worth investing in. Editor, Thom Watson has a real passion for the beauty industry, an accredited specialist and industry insider, discussing products […]

Grooming Guru - Grooming Guru

Grooming Guru editor Lee Kynaston is one of the UK’s well-known and most experienced male grooming experts there is, he brings a wealth of industry grooming knowledge to his fans ensuring they receive knowledgeable top advice.

Style Salvage - Style Salvage

Style Salvage is blog that gives inspiration on how men can dress and how they do dress; it aims to highlight upcoming and recognised design talent. Style Salvage documents style diaries each day and showcases interviews with an array of unique designers, journalists and shop owners.